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The SFKlub (Nordic Film Club) is a group of people who share a deep interest in Nordic films.

Nordic cinematography is unique but we feel that it is still underrepresented in Czech cinemas in comparison to other countries´ cinematography. Therefore our main goal is to provide the possibility for the Czech audience to have access to Nordic film production.

Our main activity is to organise projections of Nordic films in collaboration with Prague's Lucerna cinema other regional cinemas in a form of two 5-day festivals a year. We always make an effort for all Nordic countries to be represented evenly and so the genres.

Our mission also is to facilitate the possibility of an equal participation of the community with hearing impairment on the cultural life and for that purpose, we adapt the subtitles to maximize the film experience of the spectators with hearing impairment.








We also monitor news in the world of Nordic films, first realeases both in the Czech Republic and abroad, DVD realeases, nordic films presented by Czech film festivals and Czech TV channels.

On our web page, you can find a database which contains the Nordic films which we have translated into Czech. If you are interested in screening of some of these titles do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to help you find the solution with the producer.

Nordic Film Club
Jagellonská 6
130 00 Praha 3
ID: 22860291


Lenka Bazinková (chairperson) Tomáš Bazinek (web admin) 
lenka.bazinkova (at) sfklub.cz tomas.bazinek (at) sfklub.cz
tel.: +420 602 802 802  
  Daniela Mrázová (Norwegian films)
  daniela.mrazova (at) centrum.cz







Linda Kaprová (translations from Swedish)
Tamara Kováčová (adjustment of subtitles for hearing-impaired)


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