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PRAGUE, KINO LUCERNA, 16. –  22. 2. 2015

BRNO, KINO ART, 17. –  22. 2. 2015

JABLONEC, KINO JUNIOR, 17. –  26. 2. 2015

JESENÍK, ENNEA CAFFÉ a KINO POHODA, 17. 2. – 18. 3. 2015

JIČÍN, BIOGRAF ČESKÝ RÁJ, 3. – 25. 2. 2015

LITOMĚŘICE, KINO MÁJ, 23. – 25. 2. 2015

OSTRAVA, MINIKINO, 16. – 20. 2. 2015

ÚSTÍ NAD LABEM, EP MUMIE a FOKUS KAFE, 16. – 20. 2. 2015

TEPLICE, KINO KVĚTEN, 24. – 25. 2. 2015


ZLÍN, GOLDEN APPLE CINEMA, 19. – 22. 2. 2015 

ŽELEZNÝ BROD, KC KINO BROD, 27. – 28. 2. 2012


Chilling stories from icy plains and Scandinavian cities will overrun 14 Czech and Moravian cinemas. The winter festival of Nordic cinematography, organized by the Nordic Film Club, will wander across the Czech Republic for the fifth time already, bringing a varied program of all genres. The viewers can look forward to ironic comedies and raw Nordic dramas. But even fans of thrillers, documentaries or horrors won't come up short. Alltogether 30 films from 6 Nordic countries will be shown – 7 Swedish, 4 Finnish, 7 Norwegian, 6 Danish, 2 Icelandic and

4 Greenlandic.  New films as well as older and lesser known films will be screened. Upon request of the spectators themselves, some popular films from previous festivals will be added to the program too.


The festival opens on the 16th of February with the premiere of the Norwegian drama OUT OF NATURE (2014), a story of

a family father in his 30s who feels alienated in his own life and longs to get away. While spending a weekend alone on a hiking

trip, he is forced to confront the way he lives his life. The director, screenwriter and lead actor in one person, Ole Giæver, has

accepted the invitation and will be present at the opening. The second guest of the festival will be Hivshu, the great-grandson

of Robert Peary and the main protagonist of the documentary film PRICE OF THE POLE. Both guests will do question-and-answer after their film screening.


This year's specialty is the Greenlandic section. Several films from Greenland or about Greenlad will give the viewers an idea

about the hard life of the Greenlanders, wreathed with various myths. The oldest one is QIVITOQ (1956). This poetic tale of

a young Danish teacher who arrives in Greenland to surprise her fiancé, was the very first Danish film nominated for

an Academy award. Qivitoq, a mountain ghost, appears  in different forms also in the other two films. While in HEART OF

LIGHT it helps the main protagonist find his way back to the values of traditional Greenlandic way of life, Greenland's first ever

horror SHADOWS IN THE MOUNTAINS refers to its dark side.

In the documentary PRICE OF THE POLE, by Swedish director Staffan Julen, the great-grandson of Robert Edwin Peary

follows the footsteps of his great-grandfather, the American polar explorer and probably the first man to reach the North Pole

(1909) and also the footsteps of Minik, a small Inuit boy. Minik was, along with other five Inuits, taken to New York for the purpose of an anthropological research. The five soon died, Minik was the only one to survive and was put up for adoption.

The Danish drama EXPERIMENT offers another interesting subject - a social experiment which, in the 50s, aimed to re-

educate children of Greenlandic Inuits and turn them into small Danes. They were supposed to become a model for future

Greenlandic society, but their roots were stronger.


Fans of crime-stories will surely appreciate the Icelandic film JAR CITY by Baltasar Kormákur, which won the main competition

of the Karlovy Vary Festival in 2007. The Norwegian drama HOLD MY HEART is a story of a desperate father who, not allowed

to see his own daughter, decides to kidnap her. Among the promised comedies are SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT and ALMOST

PERFECT by Dannish-Gambian director Hella Joof.


Also worth mentioning is this year's accompanying program. An exhibition of photos 3913 TASIILAQ by Ole G. Jensen can be

seen at the Lucerna Café. Ole G. Jensen is a Danish photographer and author of the book 3913 TASIILAQ, in which he pays

tribute to the people of the Greenlandic town of Tasiilaq, one of the most isolated settlements in the world. The exhibition has

been kindly lent out by the Danish Embassy in Prague. 


Whoever wants to know even more about Greenland, can attnd the lecture GREENLAND – THE LAND OF ETERNAL SNOW

AND ICE by PhDr. Ing. Zdeněk Lyčka, the former Czech ambassador to Denmarkon (Feb 17 at 8:15 pm, Café Lucerna).


The Nordic Film Winter is the only festival in the Czech Republic fully adapted to viewers with hearing impairments. As usual,

all the films are provided with extended and colour modified subtitles, with extra information about noises and all other

important events taking place outside the camera shot. The opening of the festival will be translated into sign language and

simultaneously transcribed..


The festival is held by the Nordic Film Club with support of the Nordic Culture Fund, Ministery of Culture, City of Prague and

Nordic embassies.



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